Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kejriwal refers to BJP as Aam Aadmi Party's B team

Coming our strongly against the recent spat of former AAP supporters and members rushing to the BJP camp, Arvind Kejriwal was quick to remind the media that the BJP was infact AAP's B team.

With Kiran Bedi and Shazia Ilmi joining the BJP in recent days, the AAP leader has come in for a flak from his detractors. However Kejriwal expressed confidence that this is a short deputation to the B team before they regain form and come back to play in the main team.

He went on to remind the reporters of how Suresh Raina was dropped from the cricket team only to score well in the B team before making his return to the main team.

Arvind Kejriwal was reminded by our reporter that the confidence of the supporters could get effected if more stars deserted ship at this critical time to which he responded with "Ek minute.... ek minute..... ek minute.... cough"

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