Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sonia orders a CBI probe

In a scathing attack on Team Anna, the president of the Congress party has ordered a CBI probe into allegations that 15 ministers from the union ministry are corrupt.

The allegations have apparently not gone down well with the leadership of the Congress party who feel let down by this meager score. In a country where corruption is an indicator of a party's power and performance, many congress leaders feel that this puts the party in an awkward position in comparison with the opposition.

"The country must not forget that we gave them some of the biggest scams in the country" said one senior leader on conditions of anonymity.  The 2G scam is something we have developed independently and can take full credit for he went on to add. 

One of the Congress party leaders had promised to bring out a white paper to show a much larger list of ministers in the union cabinet who he believes can claim credit to at least 1 scam of 10 crores each. Team Anna members are a bunch of corrupt people, the leader alleged. They have attempted to cover up some of the scams by our ministers thus showing us in poor light he alleged. Nobody can mislead this great nation and I am sure we can convince the nation that the number of corrupt ministers is far larger than the alleged 15 and may include the entire cabinet". 

Sonia Gandhi was not available for further comment.

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