Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pak's nukes are in safe hands now: PM

Even as the world remains nervous about the conflicts within the nuclear armed Pakistan, prime minister M M Singh assured everybody that Pakistan's nuclear weapons are in safe hands 'as of now'

Based on the statement, the rumours doing the rounds indicate that the prime minister himself may have taken over control of the nukes. Or may be even moved them into his own back yard in Delhi. Some analysts observe high level of activity around the PM's house, with armoured trucks making deliveries to the PM's residence.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Varun Gandhi released

Varun Gandhi was released on bail for 2 weeks on the orders of the Supreme Court so that he could contest the Lok Sabha elections.

Varun Gandhi was released after he 'god promised' Mayawatiji that he will be a good boy and that he would not do anything naughty. It is believed that Mayawatiji was moved when she heard about how Varun cried on not being allowed to see his mother while in jail. Mayawatiji had wanted to prove that she felt a 'mothers pain' after she was accused by Maneka. Maneka Gandhi had earlier said that "if Mayawati was a mother she would have understood my pain!"

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Laloo demands re-poll

Laloo Yadav has demanded re polling in his Saran constituency alleging that Dalits and people of depressed sections were prevented from voting in several areas.Apparently the constituents who were prevented from voting have now been threatened to return the vote money that was paid to them by Laloo. Being the shrewd businessman that he is, Laloo was quick to notice the drop in cost to earning ratio and which is believed to be the main reason for this outburst. According to sources who requested not to be identified, Laloo is now planning to stage a rasta rokho agitation till repolls are held.

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Sonia: Advani is a slave of RSS

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday tore into the BJP for denouncing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a "weak Prime Minister" and launched a blistering counter attack against the saffron party’s prime ministerial candidate L.K. Advani, ridiculing him for being a "slave of the RSS" who is "incapable of taking any decision on his own".
She was apparently extremely upset about comments made about her own slave and an apparent attempt at going one up against the weak Prime Minister. "Advani is a slave of the RSS because he wants to protect his chair," she said.
"Our definition of a strong leader is different from the BJP’s. Our strong leader asks the president for advice on everything and dares not do anything without the explicit approval of 10, Janpath" she said.

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Is God telling us something?